How to selflessly and profoundly love wives
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How to selflessly and profoundly love wives as Christ so loves the Churches
in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly embrace Christian Polygamy!
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Covenant Breaking

Wedding Vows

In "Western Civilization", most Christian Marriages are understood and generally recognized as occurring at the performance of a Wedding, whereat the Bride and Groom profess to each other what are called as "Wedding Vows".

Even though it has become culturally understood as "Wedding Vows", the actual terminology of the would-be "Wedding Vows" reveals that the words expressed are that of being a COVENANT. It is a promise, a contract, a profession of commitment between the husband and wife. Yet, there is no "swearing of/to" anything, nor is there any saying "I vow such and such by and such".

Now, we need to be mindful, that, even so, even as it is understood that what is really going on at a Wedding is that of the making of a Marriage COVENANT, and not an issue of "vows" at all, the truth remains that Romans 1:31b,32 and Revelation 21:8h-i clearly explain that the known "judgment of God" (unto the lake of fire and brimstone) comes upon "covenant breakers". As such, even as this is herewith clarifying that so-called "Wedding Vows" are not really "vows" at all, but that such an occurrence at a Wedding is only a COVENANT instead, that does not mean the covenant itself is then somehow unilaterally "voidable". It is not.

While the marriage itself is not subject to "re-negotiation", the terms of the COVENANT to which both parties agreed IS indeed able to be "re-negotiated". But this is possible ONLY so much as both parties give their uncoerced, freely-given, mutual GENUINE ASSENT to choose to re-write and re-word the terms of the COVENANT (within Godly parameters, of course). As such, the terms of a Marriage COVENANT may be re-worded into a NEW and righteously made covenant, only as long as both agree. (Otherwise, one person tryin to unilaterally change ior re-word the terms of the covenant amounts to the sin of covenant breaking.)

It is issues such as that and others which is what makes it so important to note the difference between VOWS/OATHS and COVENANTS, as there are indeed different doctrinal issues which pertain covenants and which pertain to oaths/vows.

So, the point which therefore must be understood is that, even as "Western Civilization" might be referring to the words expressed at a Wedding as being "Wedding Vows", the truth is that it is a COVENANT to which Scriptural covevant breaking doctrine applies, and not "vow/oath" doctrine. (And besides, the Saviour Jesus instructed Christians to never make Oaths/Vows anyway, telling us in Matthew 5:33-37 but only to say Yes or No as to whether or not we accept the terms of a COVENANT.)

Clarifying all these important issues is the purpose of the entire "Covenant Breaking" section here at this web-site, in clarifying and addressing all such issues.

For more specific details, please be sure to also read, "Doctrine Revealed".

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Covenant Breaking
Doctrine Revealed
Wedding Vows
Hellfire Bound
False Self-Justifications

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