How to selflessly and profoundly love wives
        AS Christ so selflessly loves the Churches,
       in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly
         embrace Christian Polygamy

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How to selflessly and profoundly love wives as Christ so loves the Churches
in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly embrace Christian Polygamy!
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Covenant Breaking

Hellfire Bound

Understanding the issue of covenant breaking doctrine is so very important when it comes to Christian Polygamy. The very salvation of souls can even depend on it!

As it is written

knowing the judgment of God,
that they which commit such things are worthy of death,
not only do the same,
but have pleasure in them that do them.
(Romans 1:31b,32.)

And moreover, as it is written,

...all liars
shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
(Revelation 21:8h-i)

This is all so important with regard to Christian Polygamy because, if a man, who has covenanted with his first wife that he would "forsake all others", would then seek to FORCE polygamy on her without their mutually having "re-negotiated" the terms of their marriage covenant to a NEW covenant whereby he would no longer be bound to such a "forsake all others" clause, then he would be committing the hellfire-bound sin of covenant breaking.

That would mean that his soul, and the soul of any one who teaches of the wickedness of self-justification for such unilateral marriage covenant breaking, are in direct peril of the lake of fire with the coming known judgment of God!

Yet, contrariwise, any man who instead walks in love-not-force, being one who instead loves his wife unto her being able to joyfully give her uncoerced, freely-made and willing GENUINE ASSENT to such a "re-negotiation" of their marriage covenant, so as to indeed delete the "forsake all others" clause, he is able to rthen easily avoid the fall into such sin of covenant breaking.

And that, therefore, is why this ministry here so emphatically preaches love-not-force! The very salvation of souls depend on knowing this truth!

Clarifying all these important issues is the purpose of the entire "Covenant Breaking" section here at this web-site, in clarifying and addressing all such issues.

For more specific details, of course, please be sure to also read, "Doctrine Revealed".

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Covenant Breaking
Doctrine Revealed
Wedding Vows
Hellfire Bound
False Self-Justifications

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