How to selflessly and profoundly love wives
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How to selflessly and profoundly love wives as Christ so loves the Churches
in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly embrace Christian Polygamy!
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   "Force in
      Love-not-Force Clothing"

As a matter of historical record, it is important that the true definition of love-not-force be understood. Accordingly, it thus also becomes important that the history of love-not-force be shared and detailed as well. The key reason which makes this so important is that, after individuals who have opposed and fought against the true definition later realized they could not successfully refute or undermine the undeniable Scripturality and testimony of the Spirit of the revelation of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, and thus realized they were ever-increasingly becoming completely "irrelevant" to the true movement (as it were) of God of true Christian Polygamy, it was both previously foreseen and then subsequently fulfilled that such ones would then attempt a most clever diabolical tactic. Namely, such ones, while not repenting of the falsehood of their personal histories, rhetoric, and even blasphemies (as in saying, "God told me to do it!") of FORCE polygamy, such ones would then attempt to co-opt and lay claim to supposedly being "for" the ideas of love-not-force, while neither acknowledging the (mortal) source and impact from which the term "love-not-force" originated, nor actually believing all that true love-not-force fully entails.

The following appeared as posts on the Friends and Fellowhelpers email listserv.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark the Founder,
To: FAF Listservs
Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 1:25 PM
Subject: Let us only love as we see such things

Greetings in the love of the Lord!

Dear FAF,

As anyone reads the [[ following ]] post [[ below ]] I have sent in here today, I would also emphatically exhort to each one of us....

Even as we see such things, let our hearts be filled with love and kindness, not with bitterness or wrath. If we can but walk in such love, perhaps even such TRUE walking in TRUE love-not-force might indeed plant a seed out of which later might be the reaping of God of any of such "force in love-not-force clothing" individuals who thus might indeed be able to come to the wondrous love of Christ, unto repentance and of truly casting off all the past (casting off both their past falsehoods and anything they built upon such error) unto a genuine salvation in Christ (where necessary) and walking rightly once and for all, for their soul's sake.

Let us only walk in love-not-force indeed!

May the awesome love of the Savior and Lord Christ Jesus be with us.

YHWH bless...

   Acts 24:14
  Continuing the Reformation...
     Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark the Founder,
To: FAF Listservs
Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 1:25 PM
Subject: Foreseen cult mind control tactic of "force in love-not-force clothing"


cult mind control tactic
"force in love-not-force clothing"

Greetings in the love of the Lord!

Dear FAF,


One of the reasons that we created the additional web-site of was that it was foreseen that the later day would come when, after the FORCE advocates realized that they were clearly losing the "rhetorical discussion" (if you will) to the truth of God in love-not-force, they would then seek to co-opt the teaching of "love-not-force" AS IF they had supposedly "always taught it anyway" --although it would actually only be a twisted version of it, and not true love-not-force. It was foreseen that such "force in love-not-force clothing" would make such attempts, SAYING they support love-not-force, while their supposed "testimony" is that of FORCE polygamy with the blasphemy of saying that God supposedly had "called" them to such sin of FORCE polygamy.

As we see such foreseen "force in love-not-force clothing", even as they're really simply FORCE advocates with a different rhetorical "color", now starting to make the chameleonic changes in their rhetoric (even as they would pretend that they never said otherwise in the past, and/or have so fought against us over the issue of love-not-force, fighting so fiercely these past couple years), we can observe two powerful testimonies out of this.

1) It is a testimony to the power of the God-given preaching of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force that such FORCE advocates, now "afraid" of losing all their so-called credibility (as love-not-force clearly marginalizes FORCE polygamy into "irrelevancy" in terms of the movement of Christian Polygamy, as it were), would actually make such a profound "concession" to love-not-force. If their FORCE view had been so "right", the view which they had been so fiercely defending and advocating these past years, they would have no "reason" for now making the subtle rhetorical changes to NOW act AS IF they are supposedly in support of love-not-force. Notwithstanding the cult-mind-control technique of this kind of "history-revisionism" (i.e., in making an appearance of "rhetoric/doctrine change" while making it APPEAR they had "always" believed in [their false version of] love-not-force) being done without repentance or acknowledgment of where love-not-force had actually been taught to them (despite their fierce fighting it), the fact that such ones would now try to do this, to try to CO-OPT the message of love-not-force is a HUGE testimony of the reach and impact of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force! Glory to God alone Who has revealed His truth in His love!

2) It also provides a clear piece of observable evidence before all of us who are watching that the non-original-thinking plagiarizing copycats "out there" DO indeed copy what first comes from this ministry of, while they continue to falsely claim that they teach it themselves. Many have heard and seen how there have been many a copycat out there, learning from what this ministry teaches, and then going off to build their own "cult of personality" by claiming to be the "first" this or that, and wholly ignoring from whence they had learned their argumentations. (Mind you, by such non-original thinking ones then going off on their own, that's how they end up going into aberrant doctrinal thoughts such as we have seen FORCE polygamy go forth among those seeking to have their itching ears itched ---such aberrant things which are NOT advocated by this ministry.)

I would also add, mind you, the point here is not about "being first" (because God is really all that should matter to us), but rather this is about proving that the deceptive non-original-thinking false-witnessers who claim to have been "first" were NOT, as it is a matter of liars claiming to be things they are not.

THAT is more to the point, that it's about people bearing false witness of things they were not.

Indeed, for me, personally, it has been troubling over the years, to watch how so many, often having previously even been supposedly "my friends" (unfortunately actually being "friends in wolves clothing", though) when they needed to learn from me, then later get cockaloric to go off and lay false claims about themselves as if they are "first" this or that, even as I myself have so often resisted such "self-hype" for my own self, even when it, perhaps, could actually most rightly be said that it could be accurately utilized if it were to be utilized at all. Indeed, the more I see all the false "I was first-ers" do such falsehoods, the more it turns me off to utilizing that "self-hype" anyway. Now, as many have long known, I, of course, have long held to rejoicing, as per the principle of Philippians 1:14-18, wherein I do rejoice that the things which have first been taught of this ministry have been brought to others, even as simply stolen plagiarized rhetoric and teaching from false "I was first-ers".

The fact that others were able to pass on to others the usable, duplicatable Scriptural argumentations first learned from my newspaper, The Standard Bearer (predecessor to the internet ministry of, has always been something about which I rejoice, even as such ones do it with theft and "robbing the poor" of this ministry by denying their source of learning such things and seeking to profit for their own selves!

Indeed, it has also been that the act of such theft and even plagiarism has been a matter of "robbing the poor", such as in keeping this ministry poor, as it were, by their stealing from it and "selling" it to others AS IF IT'S THEIR OWN, rather than to honestly help and let such money help the ministry from which the teaching had come anyway, for those reasons as well, I have not wanted to get too much "into it", as the evil ones surely know how to be clever to use a cult mind control tactic of diabolically maligning this ministry as if I or we were supposedly being "covetous" in this matter. And of course, such clever tactic would indeed be a matter of cult mind control technique, considering that the exact opposite of that would the the actual truth, in that it is the thief calling the robbery-victim as "covetous"! The devil can surely be mind-boggling in the depth of his cleverness to unleash cruel and evil deception with to attempt to mis-lead others!

Nevertheless, as such non-original-thinkers have misled many unto tragedies such as the carnage of divorce, and that such were personally responsible for that with their FORCE thinking, which was then threatening to destroy Christian Polygamy, we know that on July 13, 1999 God gave us a solution to protect wives and protect the movement (as it were) of Christian Polygamy: He gave us the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force.

With that revelation of love-not-force, this organization of has grown! Glory to God!

And that growth has come through some truly fierce opposition by the FORCE polygamy advocates, coming in to the FAF email listservs and trying to undermine the doctrinal teachings of it (always failing, though of course) and other hostilities heaped against this ministry. Doctrinal matter after doctrinal matter, they fought and attempted to undermine the teaching and preaching of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force. And each time they would Scripturally fail in rhetoric, they would try another new angle, yet would fail again because Scripture would teach otherwise. And thus, as love-not-force was the truth in the love of God, the ministry of grew indeed, just as the FORCE polygamy fighters were marginalizing themselves into irrelevancy. God has blessed us indeed with this message of love-not-force. Alleluia Hallelujah! To Him alone be the glory!

Because God had indeed called this ministry in initially laying down the usable, duplicatable Scriptural exegeses of Christian Polygamy from which others could pass on and the movement (as it were) of Christian Polygamy would then finally proceed, as false witnessers then tried to steal and plagiarize for their own gain, going off to form their own breakaway "cults of personalities", such ones were advancing aberrant doctrine. FORCE polygamy itched the itching ears of carnal men who wanted to be self-justified to be cruel to their wives. Consequently, unChristian FORCE polygamy advocacy began to destroy the "movement" (as it were) in the name of supposedly being "Christian" of "Christian Polygamy". Wives were being hurt and the carnage of divorce began happening. Carnal men looked for self-proclaimed "testimonies" of men who had "successfully" FORCED polygamy on a first wife, and such men tried to duplicate it, self-justifying their iniquity by saying that their "Balaam" was able to do it, so they could too. Yes, the devil is diabolical in the way in which he can deceive! And so, because God had already previously called this ministry to have laid down the initial usable, duplicatable doctrine of Christian Polygamy, in the first place, and seeing the hearts humbling for purity to such calling to ever remain true to what God had indeed called, even as all around were men losing themselves to the devil's clever itching ear doctrine of FORCE polygamy, the Lord again called and gave this ministry yet another uniqueness, the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, with which to protect what God had started with this ministry in the first place.

Accordingly, in addition to the Lord's giving love-not-force to us to protect wives and the "movement" (as it were) of Christian Polygamy, the Lord also very clearly used the preaching of love-not-force to both strengthen us who seek the Lord in sincerity with a humble heart in the face of the fierce opposition of FORCE polygamy advocates and to grow this ministry as truly representative of what He REALLY DID START, true loving Christian Polygamy which He alone had begun here with this ministry and its predecessor, the newspaper, The Standard Bearer.

And since that July 13, 1999 first revelation of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, and despite such fierce opposition from FORCE polygamy advocates trying to undermine or Scripturally refute it (yet always failing), God has clearly grown the ministry of He did so specifically WITH the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, thereby testifying of Himself and of what He has truly called at which He had called in the first place! To Him be the glory alone! Hallelujah! The LORD God, in His Truth and Love, is able to, and surely does, restore all things which He has indeed started indeed! Alleluia Hallelujah! Obviously, therefore, that will scare anyone who would advocate FORCE polygamy in their likely seeing the very manifest "writing on the wall" that they are surely an "irrelevancy" to the movement (as it were) of Christian Polygamy, except perhaps that FORCE polygamy would thereby show that it is NOT of true Christian Polygamy to begin with, anyway.

And so, as the only way FORCE advocates could try to "win" by their "losing" the "rhetoric discussion" (if you will) of love-not-force, they will instead employ a cult mind control tactic which the former U.S. Democrat President Bill Clinton would often likewise do, when he would steal and plagiarize core ideas exclusively from the Republican Party, employ them AS IF they were his own, and play the cult game of acting AS IF he had never been previously opposing those same original Replublican ideas he was then stealing and co-opting as his own.

While that cult mind control tactic may have worked with the worldly Bill Clinton, it will not work before God, of course.

One cannot "have their cake and eat it too".

Any person with having made past rhetoric and proclaiming a personal "testimony" which is clearly FORCE polygamy, and even going worse and in blaspheming against the LORD by also claiming that God supposedly "called" such one(s) to that FORCE polygamy action against their wife, any such person can not then supposedly now be "for" love-not-force ---without otherwise having to NOW deny their supposed "testimony", and without having to repent of their blasphemy, and without having to humbly testify that everything they have been saying and building about themselves and of such things in this matter has been an absolute and sheer falsehood.

Again, one cannot "have their cake and eat it too".

One cannot have an unrepented FORCE polygamy so-called "testimony" and blasphemy against God, and also say they are FOR the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force. No doubt, for such FORCE advocates, they have "painted themselves "into a corner", in which only true repentance and humility before God and before all can get them "out of" it.

For such ones to honestly now be "for" the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force is for them to wholly repent, be humble, and openly cast off all such past falsehood and evil, and cast off all gains made of such falsehood and evil.

But without such humility and repentance and casting off of all that which was built by such error and evil, a would-be "former" FORCE advocate absolutely can NOT be "for" true love-not-force. To say otherwise is to simply be employing a history-revisionism, cult mind control tactic as what we know as "force in love-not-force clothing".

One cannot have a so-called "testimony of God" of FORCE or unrepented past rhetoric of FORCE polygamy advocacy and then equally be "for" love-not-force. I say it yet again, one cannot "have their cake and eat it too". To try to do so, though, is a classic cult mind control tactic of history-revisionism in acting as if the past had never happened and/or that a mind of anyone following it should not even realize the depth of profound hypocrisy thereof.

So, with all this, in foreseeing of the "force in love-not-force clothing" attempts of such a diablical cult mind control deception, this ministry of was fore-led of God to create the web-site. This was done as as a matter of protection of the truth. After all, the experience of non-original-thinkers stealing from and plagiarizing this ministry and its predecessor (The Standard Bearer newspaper) from the beginning had already provided historic evidence of such iniquity occurring. Thus, the Lord, in pointing to how such plagiarizing (et al) it happened from the beginning of His calling of the movement (as it were) of Christian Polygamy already, He thus fore-led this ministry to create to further prove Himself and to protect the true definition of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force. (Indeed, it was that this message was even called as "the TRUTH BEARER Vision" was His way of further protecting and preserving the truth of His giving us this message, that plagiarizers not be able to attempt to re-define it either! The Lord God is so awesome in His awesome wisdom! Hallelujah!)

Therefore, in preserving the historic truth of God for anyone seeking to know what the true TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force is "about", was cteated as thet source and web-site at which to gather such learning.

And yes, these are the identical-content-filled directories at the two sites:

I would also personally encourage everyone to keep their eyes "open". As ---or should--- any of us see such FORCE polygamy "chameleons" (as it were) making such "rhetorical changes" (without repentance for past, etc), and yet acting AS IF they had supposedly "always" been "for" love-not-force, even though their so-called "testimonies" are clearly that of outrageous ad cruel FORCE polygamy and that their past rhetoric has been known to be fiercely opposing the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, we can then immediately realize...

"Yep, there's that foreseen 'force in love-not-force clothing' ---there's that cult mind control tactic going on there--- thereby exposing the non-original thinkers, after all, thereby proving that it really is true that there are such ungodly 'copycats' 'out there' stealing what is originally learned of this ministry, and proving the amazing testimony of God of the powerful impact upon Christian Polygamy which God has given us with the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force. Glory to the Lord alone!"


May the love of the Lord ever be with us.

YHWH bless...

   Acts 24:14
  Continuing the Reformation...
     Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches

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