How to selflessly and profoundly love wives
        AS Christ so selflessly loves the Churches,
       in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly
         embrace Christian Polygamy

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How to selflessly and profoundly love wives as Christ so loves the Churches
in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly embrace Christian Polygamy!
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Why FORCE Fails

8.  We SUCCEED with Love-Not-Force

That's what this ministry is about: helping us all to be able to SUCCEED in persuading others of the righteousness of Christian Polygamy.

And truly, what this ministry simply endeavors to teach is that, in general, we SUCCEED with love-not-force.

For anyone reading this here who would choose to disagree about the matters revealed herein, may it be known that all are certainly welcome to believe according to their own free conscience. This post here has simply revealed the matter before us, and when such things as has been described herein then happen later on, it may then very well be at that later time that such ones who disagree today might then remember that this post here had indeed revealed these things anyway. And may that then be to God's glory for such ones at the time anyway. :-)

This ministry is about teaching us how to SUCCEED in PERSUADING others (other Christians, first wives, etc.) so that, one day, Christian Polygamy will be considered as any other standard understood doctrine.

And clearly, love-not-force WORKS.

So, we're not here at FAF to debate about such disagreements, but instead to be about our Father's work which He has in store for us in His Will. Praise God.

We all have seen that this ministry has grown, even rather acceleratedly this past year, precisely because of love-not-force. Women have been persuaded, marriages assured and affirmed, healings and miracles in families, and potential doubters among us have been persuaded, all because of what God is doing here. These are the fruits of what love-not-force has been yielding here (as at FAF). Surely, we can see that God is working a wondrous work with this ministry for His glory alone.

And likewise we can also see that love-not-force has no ability to produce any single fruits of carnage or destruction, as this is only about teaching profound love. (And we know that LOVE NEVER FAILS.)

And so, I would thus believe that these things would testify, at least to me anyway, that this ministry is surely walking in right obedience unto the LORD, especially as we have a number of FellowHELPERS among us specifically praying privately for that very thing, ever praying that the Lord alone guide this ministry. (Such prayers are the single greatest blessing anyone of us here can do for all of us here at FAF. What a blessing indeed!)

And of course, all this while continuing to repeat and repeat the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, as a matter of preaching love by faith in God rather than the error of FORCE by man.

As it is written,

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."
(Romas 10:17.)

And so, because of this, this would testify (to me, anyway) that preaching love-not-force is most certainly exactly what this ministry is being called to "be about", for all our sake.

Others are free to disagree, but I know that I can only go by what the Lord is calling me to do, and by what I see He is working therein when I do so obey.

And from my own perspective, I am seeing the LORD working some truly wondrous and miraculous things in many people as the message of love-not-force spreads. (The Lord is so awesome!!!)

And with all this realized, I would that we all now take action to prevent us from being destroyed by the FORCE view, to begin to get out the message of love-not-force as we truly do God's working in us in Continuing the Reformation in the TRUTH BEARER Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches.

For when we SUCCEED at THAT in the long-term, we will be among our fellow Christians in the Churches, and surely love-not-force will most assuredly be, in the long-term, the ultimately "popular" way among the Spirit-walking Christians, for it will be how we persuaded them that Christian Polygamy really is of God.





Alleluia Hallelujah!

What a blessing the FRIENDS and certainly the FellowHELPERS of this ministry so truly are.

Thank you for permitting me this time to share this from my heart.

May the love of the Lord ever be with us and guide us in His ways alone for His glory alone.

Amen. Hallelujah. Praise ye the LORD!

YHWH bless...

Acts 24:14
Continuing the Reformation...
Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches

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