How to selflessly and profoundly love wives
        AS Christ so selflessly loves the Churches,
       in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly
         embrace Christian Polygamy

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How to selflessly and profoundly love wives as Christ so loves the Churches
in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly embrace Christian Polygamy!
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Why FORCE Fails

4.  Five Factors How FORCE Destroys

While I will be a making a briefer summary of the following Five Factors in the next section after this section, this section shall first provide the important detailed version of the Five Factors of why/how the FORCE view of polygamy will work to destroy us in Christian Polygamy.

1) FORCE cannot generally persuade our fellow gentle Christians in the Churches that Christian Polygamy is about love for women, or about Christ-like selfess love in any way. FORCE is particularly unable to persuade those who were NOT out investigating the possibility of polygyny as being Scriptural. That is, if a Christian had never heard of Christian Polygamy before, then very few of such ones, if any, would then ever be persuaded by the FORCE view that Christian Polygamy is not "immoral". If anything, FORCE would only serve to CONVINCE them against Christian Polygamy, as already happens frequently! The reason that FORCE cannot persuade such fellow Christians (and wives in particular) is that FORCE does not even remotely sound like LOVE in application. And LOVE is the absolute very first criterion of Christian doctrine (especially as FORCE does not sound anything even remotely near the marriage model of Christ loving his Churches, per Ephesians 5:25.) And because of that, FORCE immediately fails the "love test" to which the millions of Christians in the Churches will be applying their perspective in their first and subsequent impressions about this marriage concept we now call, "Christian Polygamy".

2) FORCE therefore causes its followers to want to retreat, to hide, to pull away from, to withdraw away from the Churches. FORCE indeed causes followers to "fear" the Churches, fearing the actually RIGHTEOUS rejection of such a cruel approach to marriage as the FORCE view permits. And when people involved in a cause as powerful as ours is (i.e., our cause of advancing Christian Polygamy), if they then retreat from our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Churches, such retreating historically tends to lead to creating "sects" around a "cult of personality". And a "cult of personality" often leads to total unaccountability and doublethink. ("Doublethink" here is referring to teaching in contradictions. For example, preaching that "Husbands are supposed to love and protect wives", while simultaneously justifying a man to cruelly FORCE polygamy on a wife --- direct hypocrisy, "doublethink". For another example, preaching about the bonds of covenants while simultaneously justifying a man to be a covenant breaker with his first wife ---direct hypocrisy, "doublethink"). And all these things would only raise even that much more negativity and suspicion against us from our fellow Christians in the Churches, further alienating them when we actually love, want, and need our fellow Christians (not to mention that we are supposed to bring the truth TO them for their own sake!).

3) FORCE originates from the two evil spirits of self-exaltation and self-justification, of which all of us men, no matter who we are, are so truly vulnerable to giving such place if we are not ever vigilant to prevent it from happening. When these two spirits reside in a man who finally lets them take full hold upon him, they make him unaccountable and vulnerable to still further additional evil spirits to seek residence in him. Indeed, such spirits in him then will attract people (mostly men, but obviously some women too), filled with all kinds of yet other unrighteous and ungodly spirits, who will do all other kinds of evils and unChristian actions, but which will later be associated (even though falsely) as supposedly "what Christian Polygamy is about". The perils from this are obvious, especially in such matters where some indeed retreat away from the Churches to be involved in some "cult of personality", and then such evil spirits come out from among those participating in that "sect".

4) FORCE causes such cruelty and pain in marriages that it even causes separation and divorce. Then, as that happens to so many who had employed or accepted the advocacy of the FORCE way, such hurting and bitter divorced first wives then go join the anti-polygyny political groups against us. Such hurting women then "supply" such groups with supposed "insider" testifying "horror"-stories about how "bad" Christian Polygamy supposedly is (even though FORCE is NOT what we are about at all anyway).

5) FORCE is actually a tool of the devil to empower and fuel the fire of hostile anti-polygamy propaganda, by exploiting the previous four listed items above, with which to then start
***** PERSECUTING *****
us in Christian Polygamy.

That last item is the worst part of it all, and why it is so urgently important for us to understand why we cannot embrace the FORCE view.

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