How to selflessly and profoundly love wives
        AS Christ so selflessly loves the Churches,
       in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly
         embrace Christian Polygamy

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How to selflessly and profoundly love wives as Christ so loves the Churches
in helping first wives to joyfully and willingly embrace Christian Polygamy!
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Why FORCE Fails

2.  To Know What Succeeds in Persuading

We know that Christian Polygamy is certainly right and Scriptural. But we likewise know that the millions of our fellow Christians in the Churches do not realize this.

This ministry of TRUTH BEARER is about helping us to be able to SUCCEED in so PERSUADING, as this ministry has been successful in persuading Christians who had previously been "against polygyny" as even a concept.

Unless we learn how to be successful in persuading the Churches and our women in particular, Christian Polygamy will not advance.

But that's why the Lord has raised up this ministry, for this very purpose.

So, to achieve our Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches, we must know and be aware of what works and of what works against us.

Hopefully, this off-the-cuff post here shall try to address the most urgent matter before us in this.

One can seek to use FORCE or one can seek to use LOVE (or as we now say about the latter view here, love-not-force).

Obviously, because of this ministry's Vision, The TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, this ministry is about teaching how to succeed in persuading others through the message and ministry of love-not-force.

For the benefit of further understanding, here's even more reasons as to why FORCE is so dangerous to us in Christian Polygamy, and why we should ever be "on guard" looking to see if someone is trying to make Christian Polygamy appear to be represented by the FORCE view.

Mind you, this is not talking about men who might simply have made a mistake in coming off as sounding pro-FORCE.

Nor is this talking about those who are simply seeking to more fully understand the truth.

Not at all, for this ministry is surely here for such ones and their families.

And for that matter, this would also not be about condemning any particular individuals who may have indeed been outright advocates or "doers" of FORCE polygamy. (It would ever be my prayer that any of us, whenever any of us are told of things about which we then realize, by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, that we ourselves were doing something not right, that any of us would and could repent and receive forgivenness indeed. None of us is perfect, and so each of us surely is capable of mistakes and thus should be readily forgiven for our mistakes as we repent.) May only love prevail in any of this.

This post here is only addressing the deliberate FORCE view itself, as a purposeful belief-concept for supposed doctrine of Christian Polygamy, and about what great perils that that FORCE belief poses for us in Christian Polygamy.

No fingers are being "pointed at" individuals, only the view of FORCE itself is being addressed.

And with that understood, may this surely be received in the sincerest of love in which it is given.

© July 27, 2000,
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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Why FORCE Fails
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